Did you know that 1 in every 3 women who have had a baby suffer from some bladder leakage? And up to 75% of women experience some degree of pelvic floor prolapse in their lifetime!

Many women accept leaking or other pelvic floor dysfunction as a normal part of having children or getting older however research has shown that many of the above conditions can be improved and often cured with a specific, individualised Physiotherapy programme. If you have any leakage or feeling of heaviness or discomfort around the vagina or pelvis particularly after having children book in for a women’s health assessment today.

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Research has shown that regular exercise during pregnancy has many benefits and one of the best forms of exercise for pregnant women is Pilates. Pregnancy Pilates at Auckland Physiotherapy is supervised by our Physiotherapists trained in Women’s Health so you can be confident the exercise is safe, evidence-based and specific to your personal needs.

Pregnancy Pilates is an excellent way of ensuring optimal function of your pelvic floor, as well as targeting the muscles around your lower back and pelvis to help you carry the extra weight during pregnancy and ease back and pelvis pain. It is low impact exercise that is more comfortable on your joints, which can become more susceptible to injury during pregnancy.

Providing all is going well, you can do Pregnancy Pilates from day one right through till the big day with a programme that is modified as you progress.  This regular exercise will enable you to control excess weight gain, feel more comfortable as your body changes and means a faster recovery following the birth of your child.

Pregnancy Pilates prepares your body for not only the big event of giving birth but the extremely physical job of having a newborn baby!

No matter when you join us, the Physio’s at Auckland Physiotherapy will ensure your Pregnancy Pilates program is tailored to the changes your body is going through each trimester.


Ready to get moving again? Auckland Physiotherapy offers a specific post natal pilates programme so new mum’s can to return to regular exercise safely while targeting the muscles most affected by pregnancy and birth. 

The thought of getting back into exercise after having a new baby can be very daunting, at Auckland Physiotherapy we have physio's specifically trained in women's health so you can be confident your programme is specific to your needs whether you have had a vaginal birth or cesarean section and whether you are 6 weeks or 6 months in to motherhood!

What will you get out of Post-natal Pilates?

  • Initial post-natal assessment with a Physiotherapist

  • Pelvic Floor Retraining: While you may not notice any problems initially pelvic floor problems are really common – 1 in 3 women will suffer some kind of incontinence after giving birth, so giving these muscles the appropriate attention early on is important for optimal recovery!

  • Core Muscle Strenghtening: Including the deep abdominals and gluteal muscles, to help improve any back or pelvic pain as well as prepare your body for more vigorous exercise 

  • Specific pilates-based exercises can help to reduce rectus diastasis (abdominal separation).

The exercises can be modified to any level of fitness and close supervision allows us to progress you at your own pace to make sure you get the most out of each session. You can start postnatal pilates any time after your 6 week post natal check but it is still beneficial to start 6-12months or more after having children!

If you have had your post natal check and would like to trial a class you can book online here