"After several months of medial elbow pain (golfers elbow) I decided to see a Physiotherapist.  Now after just 4 sessions I have been able to return to golf and regular crossfit classes.  Last night at cross fit olympic lifting class, we warmed up slowly and then finished with a heavy workout of 30 snatches followed by 30 clean and jerks.  It was only on my way home that I realized I had not registered any pain before, during or after the workout, and the next day my elbow felt fine.  Thank you Katy for your expert guidance and treatment, very much appreciated!" Mapu P. 


“The Christmas before last I broke my kneecap and had surgery to wire it back together. After 10 weeks in a brace, I required intensive rehab over quite some months. Michelle Gall treated me over most of last year. Her skills, knowledge and patient commitment are exlempary. Michelle was always prepared to take the extra yards to build bespoke exercise programs and offer advice outside our regular sessions. Michelle’s lovely manner and thoughtfulness partner well with her strong technical expertise." Kris C.


"The team at Auckland Physiotherapy were able to diagnose and treat my back pain after years of unsuccessful treatment. They provided pain control methods and huge motivation to complete exercises and tasks. For five years I was unable to run one kilometre without back pain. Mark and I made this a goal and after a few months I was back and running 10 km with no pain! I wish the all the best and recommend them to anyone!" Ben J.


"It was great to finally meet someone that understood my ongoing issues and could pin-point exactly what was causing my problems. Over the course of 8 weeks we worked together and now after 3 years I am still pain-free and feel great!!" Bridget H.


"Mark is an outstanding therapist with amazing diagnostic skills. Him and his team of therapists really know their stuff and are so amazingly talented at fixing up my body, and more importantly teaching me what to do to keep getting better. I continue to send everyone I know to see the team at Auckland Physiotherapy as they fix injuries fast and give me tools to prevent them from happening again. I would highly recommend Mark and his team for any type of injury." Sarah T.

"After months of knee pain, which held me back from running and exercise, I visited Auckland Physiotherapy.  Within the first 1hr session they had diagnosed my problem and started treatment.  After only 2 visits, my knee was feeling much better and I was able to return to training.  Not only did they identify my problem and reduce my pain, they also showed me a range of exercises that I could do at home to continue strengthening.  I am happy to say that I can now run with a problem free knee." Nick C.


''I can't recommend Helen highly enough as a physio. I've been having trouble with my hip and back for years and she's the only physio who has gotten to the bottom of the problem and not only help me get rid of the problem but also learn about why it's happening and give me some great pilates exercises which help me take control of it and maintain a healthy body. The new premises in Parnell are amazing - lots of new pilates gears, beautiful art, close to bus routes plus loads of parking.'' Sophie B