A SRC Pregnancy Garments Review by Helen Dudley

March 21, 2021 at 6:12 PM

Compiled by Helen Dudley, a Senior Physiotherapist and Qualified Pilates Instructor. To book an appointment with Helen, or read her Meet the Team profile CLICK HERE


SRC Pregnancy Garments: A Review

After treating pregnant ladies in Physiotherapy and Pilaties for the past 10 years, I was excited to finally feel the changes in my own body when I became pregnant in August.

Other than the usual shortness of breath, sitness, and fatigue, my body didn't feel too bad in the first two trimesters. I was disappointed to stop surfing but I enjoyed keeping moving with my Pilates, Yoga, swimming and walking. (This exercise was all done I must say inbetween the daily naps that I have been having).

When I got to my 24th week things started to change. The increase of relaxin and progesterone in my system and my wee bump getting significantly bigger, I started to feel like normal movements were getting harder. I found my steps were getting small, hills harder, and pressure around my pubic symphysis when I walked. I noticed that my hour walks had become 20 minute struggles and I wasn't enjoying them at all.

I then tried the SRC pregnancy shorts as all my clients have said how good they were in the past. On the first walk, I felt so good I remember saying to my husband I feel almost normal! My stride came back so I could stretch my legs, hills were easier (it didn't help with the shortness of breath mind), and the pressure at the front disappeared. They allowed me to get back to my one hour long walks which I love so much! Every pregnancy is different but I definitely feel like the SRC garments allowed me to keep moving. Im 30 weeks now and I am still using them for my daily walks, I feel strong in my legs and luckily (touch wood) I have had no pain so far. My recommendation from my personal experience is to start wearing them before pain or issues arise as they allow you to keep moving and thus keep strong.

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