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New Packages: Strength & Mobility


Are you finding you can't move like you used to?
Finding the exercise classes available on TV too hard?
Experiencing joint, arthritic, or lower back pain?
Do you want a plan specific to you?

 Auckland Physiotherapy has prepared two new packages to be delivered ONLINE to help with your mobility and movement care while at home!


What's included? 

  • Four week program
  • 1-1 Physio assessments
  • Individual home exercise plans
  • Theraband for home workouts 
  • Two online classes per week

Participation criteria for Online Packages

  • Medically fit to perform mild to moderate cardiovascular activity
  • Average pain over a 24 hour period is no more than 5/10

Package recommendation questionnaire 

  • Have you had a lower limb joint replacement? 
  • Do you experience difficulty when getting on and off the floor?
  • In the past 12 months, had a fall from accidentally tripping or losing your balance?
  • Any one of the following: have known arthritis on an x-ray, are over 50, experience morning stiffness for less than an hour, have weight bearing joint pain?

0-1 "Yes" answers, recommend the Stronger Healthier Longer package.
2-3 "Yes" answers, recommend the Joint Care Plan package. 
4 "Yes" answers, recommend 1-1 Physio Appointments.  

Getting started!

  • Bookings with can be easily made by clicking below or contacting us
  • Assessments can be ACC subsidised if you have had a prior injury
  • Health Insurance deductions can also apply depending on coverage 




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