Show your body some love!

November 26, 2015 at 8:49 PM

Show your body some love this silly season – come and visit Jenna, our in-house Dietitian, during the month of December and get 50% off the usual consult price!

It is actually possible to enjoy yourself over the summer break without letting your health and fitness goals go out the window. The build up to Christmas can actually be the best time to start embracing healthy habits. You’ll feel empowered and in control over the choices you make throughout the festive season, without feeling deprived and excluded. Get a head start now to ensure your vitality is endless over the Christmas season, while your waistline isn’t. Start 2016 the way you want to live it!


Top five tips to get you through the break in good shape:

  1. 1. Start each day with a nutritious breakfast – include some wholegrains, good quality protein and healthy fats. This will get the metabolism fired up, aid satiety and will encourage better food choices throughout the day.

  2. 2. If you really want a ‘treat’ – have one! Eat it slowly, mindfully and enjoy every mouthful. Ditch the guilt and simply savour the experience.

  3. 3. The lead-up to Christmas often brings with it numerous social functions with unlimited spreads of food. In these situations, you don’t have to sample everything on the table…take a breath, have a squiz and think about what it is you actually feel like. Start with one small plateful and only go back for seconds if you’re actually still hungry.

  4. 4. Stay well hydrated. If you’re having a few (alcoholic) drinks, swap every second or third one for a large glass of low-calorie fluid such as soda water with a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon and a bit of mint. Less calories and your body will thank you for it the next day!

  5. 5. Make the most of the good weather and long days by getting outside and getting those limbs moving. Choose activities you enjoy doing and consider inviting some friends along for a social catch up at the same time! Taking some time out for yourself is really important, especially amidst the chaos that Christmas brings. Exercise can be a great way to relieve stress.

Happy holidays everyone!

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