Why See a Physiotherapist?

December 20, 2016 at 11:43 AM

Why you should see a physiotherapist
We’ve all been there…
Feeling twinges of pain after that long run? Maybe you lifted all the boxes out of storage and are paying for it now? Or perhaps you pulled up with an injury when returning to the field after a quiet off-season?
At some point we’ve all had pain, but what you decide to do about it can affect the speed and quality of your recovery.

A fork in the road
You may be tempted to just rest and see if it gets better on its’ own, but this can delay your recovery-possibly requiring more treatment if it becomes a chronic condition.
Your friends or family may have some helpful advice after experiencing something similar. Although their condition may have been similar, it might not be the same. Making an accurate diagnosis requires a high level of knowledge and skill, as well as, a hands-on assessment. However well-intentioned their advice is, an incorrect diagnosis not only carries the risk of prolonging your recovery but also has the potential to cause further harm. (Tip: massage may not be what you need for that muscle pain and could potentially make your condition worse).
Dr. Google has become a ‘go to’ for many. The internet can deliver a lot of information making one feel they are better equipped to know how to manage their injury, but this information can be misleading (Remember: you need an accurate diagnosis before you can determine what the best treatment is). Consideration of your personal factors, medical information and how you present clinically is imperative when developing an effective treatment plan. Don’t rely on guesswork when searching for an answer on the net, see a physiotherapist instead.

What to expect when choosing the fastest path back to health…
A physiotherapist will deliver personalized advice on how you can speed up your recovery. This may include postural advice, changing your desk set-up or the way you perform some of your everyday tasks. Your physiotherapist is also skilled at delivering hands-on treatment and individualized exercise prescription to help address and alleviate the root cause of your pain. If you are not seeing improvements within 3 sessions, your physiotherapist may alter your treatment plan or seek the involvement of another healthcare provider to ensure prompt delivery of the best treatment, increasing your chances of making a full recovery.

3 Reasons to Visit your Physiotherapist

  1. Accurate Diagnosis: correctly identifying the cause of your pain takes not only knowledge but also a high level of skill, consideration of several factors personal to you and must include a hands-on assessment.

  2. A Faster Recovery: personalized advice, guidance on return to activity, and treatment that together will lead to a faster recovery.

  3. Prevention: not only will your physiotherapist help you return to your favourite things in life, they aim to keep you there by identifying and addressing the causative factors.

If you’re in pain, book your appointment today!

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Robyn Atkinson- Masters Physiotherapist

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