Regain strength and energy through exercise and Pilates


At Auckland Physiotherapy we offer specialised rehabilitation programmes designed specifically for people diagnosed with cancer to maximise their recovery and help them make positive steps for future health and wellbeing.

Physiotherapists are well placed to act as part of a multidisciplinary team in management of Cancer patients. Many of the issues patients have throughout their oncology management will be related to musculoskeletal issues. For example scarring from mastectomy from Breast Cancer and deconditioning through courses of chemotherapy or post-surgery. Physiotherapists are the best places for health professionals to manage these musculoskeletal issues with treatments such as massage, stretching and strengthening exercises as well as advice and education. Furthermore studies support the role of physical activity in survival rates of patients following Cancers including Breast and Colorectal.

Our Senior Physiotherapist Michelle is a certified PINC therapist meaning she has specific training in assessment and rehabilitation for clients who are undergoing or have completed their cancer treatment, be that surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone treatment. This training ensures you are in safe hands with someone that understands the treatment and side effects no matter what stage of your diagnosis or recovery.

Why rehabilitation after cancer is important?

Treatment for cancer is often gruelling and debilitating with many side effects and there is commonly little help or guidance alongside medical treatment for maintaining physical and mental well-being or for return to daily activities and exercise for patients with cancer.

Research shows appropriate rehabilitation has many benefits including optimising physical function, improving energy levels, reducing the side effects, easing pain and muscular tension.

What does cancer rehabilitation involve?

Each patient is individually assessed for physical impairments and effects of treatment. A programme is then created to suit each patient’s particular stage in recovery. The sessions can include manual therapy, clinical Pilates, fatigue management, home exercise programmes, scar management and integration into group classes.

Who is it for?

Cancer rehabilitation is important after any type of cancer surgery or treatment and appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness.

No referral is required, simply book an appointment with Michelle and she will assess your specific needs and set up a plan designed specifically for you.


Cancer rehabilitation can be funded either privately, via health insurance, or you may qualify for some financial assistance via the PINC and STEEL Trust or funding through the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Visit the PINC and STEEL website here to request funding.

Visit the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ website here to request funding.

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