Physiotherapist ACC Surcharges

60min initial assessment or extended follow up $72

30min initial assessment $56

30min follow up $46

45min extended follow up $60

Physiotherapist Private (*For Southern Cross see below)

60min initial assessment or extended follow up $139

30min initial assessment $86

30min follow up $76

45min extended follow up $105

Senior Physiotherapist ACC Surcharges 

60min initial assessment or extended follow up $84

30min initial assessment $62

30min follow up $52

45min extended follow up $68

Senior Physiotherapist Private 

60min initial assessment or extended follow up $149  

30min initial assessment $92  

30min follow up $82

45min extended follow up $123

Masters Physiotherapist ACC Surcharges 

60min initial assessment or extended follow up $99

30min initial assessment $72

30min follow up $62

45min extended follow up $83

Masters Physiotherapist Private 

60min initial assessment or extended follow up $169

30min initial assessment $102

30min follow up $92

45min extended follow up $138

Package: Pay for 5 sessions and get one FREE



Deep Tissue Massage

Our sports massage therapist Kenzy is committed to working alongside her clients to relieve their pain and discomfort and to help them return to their peak physical state. She takes special interest in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention, kinesio taping, and sports massage. Kenzy has also been training as a physiotherapist for the past two years and works closely with our Senior and Master's physios to increase her knowledge of various pathologies injuries.

Remedial Massage

Busy lives, hectic work schedules and poor sitting postures can lead to annoying aches and pains in your lower back, neck and shoulders, or even cause headaches. Regular remedial massage can relieve discomfort and allow you to function more effeciently at work or at home, without the disruption of pain.

Pre and Post Event Massages

Planning to be involved in an event? Great! Sports massage can help to prepare you for the upcoming event, prevent injuries leading up to the event and to relax tight muscles after the event. 


30 minute massage $72

45 minute massage $93

60 minute massage $109

Package: Pay for 5 sessions and get one free


Clinical Pilates is a series of exercises taken from Joseph Pilates's repertoire which have been adapted by health professions to make them more suitable for patients with neck and back pain, and those rehabilitating from injury. This safe form of exercise focuses on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing.

Evidence supports the use of the Pilates method in the prevention and rehabilitation of back injuries. By retraining the deep abdominal and spinal muscles, Pilates can help to improve your postural habits, movement and prevent the recurrence of back pain.

We also offer pre & postnatal pilates to aid in your journey. Pregnancy Pilates prepares your body for not only the big event of giving birth but the extremely physical job of having a newborn baby while postnatal aids in the recovery with our trained women's health physiotherapist.

Private Physio-led Clinical Pilates

30min $82

45min $118

60min $149

Duet 60min $77 each

Studio Instructor-led Pilates (No pain)

One-one 30min $65

One-one 45min $80

One-one 60min $105

Concession 6 (60min) $100 per session (Total $600)

Concession 10 (45min) $75 per session  (Total $750)

Concession 10 (60min) $95 per session  (Total $950)

Duet 45min $45 each

Duet 60min $60 each

Concession 10 (Duet, 60min) $55 per session (Total $550)

**If you are recovering from cancer or undergoing cancer treatment you may qualify for funding through PINC Pilates, please contact us for more information

 Package: Pay for 9 sessions and get one FREE



At Auckland Physiotherapy our personal trainers work closely with our physiotherapists to ensure you achieve your goals and get back to doing what you love in a safe and enjoyable way. Your personal trainer will complete a full body assessment to ensure any areas of weakness or tightness are addressed with your personalised strength & fitness programme.  Your personal trainer will work with you weekly or fortnightly to guide you through a specialised programme catered for your goals.

One-one 40min $90

One-one 60min $130

Duet 40min $60 each

Duet 60min $90 each

Trio 40min $45 each

Trio 60min  $70 each

Package: Pay for 5 sessions and get one FREE