Deep Tissue Massage 

Whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, regular sports massage therapy can help to relieve aches and pains, reduce stiffness, increase flexibility and reduce your risk of injury.  Our sports massage therapist Tracy has extensive experience working with athletes from many different sporting backgrounds and has a bachelor of sports therapy as well as further training in soft tissue release and trigger point therapy. 

Remedial Massage 

Busy lives, hectic work schedules and poor sitting postures can lead to annoying aches and pains in your lower back, neck and shoulders, or even cause headaches.  Regular remedial massage can relieve discomfort and allow you to function more effeciently at work or at home, without the disruption of pain. 

Pre and Post Event Massage 

Planning to be involved in an event? Great! Sports massage can help to prepare you for the upcoming event, prevent injuries leading up to the event and to relax tight muscles after the event. 


30 minute massage $70 

45 minute massage $90

60 minute massage $105