Kimberley is qualified nutritionist holding a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Exercise Sport Science from Massey University, and is the nutrition lecturer at the NZ College of Chiropractic. She has developed a passion for whole food nutrition and uses a combination of evidence-based nutritional science and her own clinical and personal experience to offer solutions and guidance for a wide range of health goals. 

"I believe that food shouldn’t be complicated or expensive and that you can achieve your goals without hunger or resorting to low fat, calorie restricted plans. I work with my clients to achieve their goals by eating natural, unprocessed foods, welcoming back healthy fats, and getting in tune with their body. I believe it is one thing to know what to do, and another to make it work with your lifestyle. Therefore, I place an emphasis on taking into account lifestyle factors such as time, budget, food preferences, and social life when working with each client".


I have a holistic approach in the way I work, and address health goals and concerns by looking at both physical and psychological aspects of nutrition as well as lifestyle factors. I look at a range of body systems including digestion, thyroid, liver, hormone and gut functioning, and work with you to develop a plan with nutritional strategies that are specific to YOU and your goals using a whole food approach. 

If you have never been to seen a nutritionist or would just like to speak to Kimberley before booking your first appointment, feel free to book a COMPLIMENTARY 15min phone call for NEW CLIENTS (see the online booking section below). 


In your initial consultation, I spend time with you going over your current health goals and discussing factors such as previous diet history, exercise, work life, commitments, stress levels, eating habits, and food preferences. Using all the information gathered I start creating your nutrition plan with you, explaining to you exactly WHY you need to make the changes and how it will help you. 

At the end of the consultation, I spend time writing up the details of your plan, and send it to you via email within 12hrs of the consultation.

Consultations are in person from our Newmarket clinic. For those of you who are outside of Auckland I offer consultations via Skype, Facetime or phone call. 

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE Kimberley_Bell_Kitchen-044.jpg

  •  A personalized and detailed lifestyle nutrition guide with the types and portion sizes of all the foods and fluids you should be consuming each day. 

  • Timing recommendations around physical activity (if required)

  • Recipe suggestions added to suit your budget, taste buds, and time commitments

  • Supplement recommendations (if necessary) 

  • And any other tools or information that I feel will help you on your journey to achieve your goals.


We discuss the best way to track your progress based on your goals and preferred means of measurement. This can range from clothe feel and improvements in symptoms/blood test, to full body composition analysis involving weight measurements and skin fold assessment. 

Follow up sessions are booked in 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation. We discuss your progress/retake any measurements, make any diet alterations needed, and work through barriers and issues as they arise. 


  • Weight loss/fat loss (WITHOUT hunger)

  • Sports nutrition

  • Emotional eating/eating disorders

  • Specialty diets - LCHF (LowER Carbohydrate, Higher Healthy Fat)

  • Vegan, vegetarian, paleo/primal

  • Inflammation reduction

  • Cholesterol concerns

  • IBS and gut issues  

  • Type 2 Diabetes