We work in collaboration with you to help you live well and move well

At Auckland Physiotherapy we work in collaboration with you to get you back to doing what you love, better than ever. With Masters trained Physios, Senior Physios, Massage Therapists, Coaches and Instructors we provide multiple tiers of treatment, ensuring you get the right person that is best able to help you. Our completely personalised experience will move you as quickly as possible from pain to recovery, then recovery to strength, and strength to wellness. To do that we follow three simple steps.


WE: Listen and evaluate to ensure we properly diagnose what is going on with your body, completing a thorough assessment using diagnostic tests and measures. This helps us find the root cause, so we can empower you with the understanding of what is causing the problem, and how we will help you recover. Usually, most insurance is accepted and a referral is not needed.

YOU: Tell us your story - how the problem occurred, what it’s holding you back from doing and what your goals are.


WE: Keep you on track towards your goals with a graduated plan specific to your situation. We use a range of evidence-based techniques including mobilisations, manipulations, soft tissue release, dry needling and clinical Pilates. If you are best served by specialties outside our expertise, we will gladly refer you elsewhere to the correct specialist.

YOU: Accelerate your own results by taking an active part in your treatment. We will email you a personally designed exercise program with images and videos to make everything simple.

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WE: Support you to achieve your goals, and then keep guiding you, tracking your progress with specific outcome measures. We also offer mindfulness, Pilates, yoga, health coaching, education, massage, nutrition and personal training. Our programs will keep raising your quality of movement and quality of life. 

YOU: Explore and learn from our community and make the most of everything life has to offer…

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