At Auckland Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible care and as such we prefer to spend time with you to get a full understanding of your injury and the best way to manage it. We work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits in with your daily schedule, and email you a personalised exercise programme that you can access from any device, anytime, anywhere. This means that you may only need a few appointments to get back to what you love doing without pain holding you back. 

If it is your first time with us, we prefer to see you for an hour, however if you have a simple sprain or strain feel free to book in for a 30 minute initial assessment. If you are unsure whether you should see a Senior or Masters qualified Physiotherapist, click HERE to read more about Physiotherapy, or click HERE to read our bio's. 

Our standard prices are listed below, but if you have any queries please feel free to give us a call on 093664480


Senior Physiotherapist ACC Surcharges 

60min initial assessment or extended follow up $84

30min initial assessment $62

30min follow up $52

45min extended follow up $68

Senior Physiotherapist Private (*For Southern Cross see below)

60min initial assessment or extended follow up $149

30min initial assessment $92

30min follow up $82

45min extended follow up $123

Masters Physiotherapist ACC Surcharges 

60min initial assessment or extended follow up $99

30min initial assessment $72

30min follow up $62

45min extended follow up $83

Masters Physiotherapist Private 

60min initial assessment or extended follow up $169

30min initial assessment $102

30min follow up $92

45min extended follow up $138


60min private session $155

60min ACC funded session $90


60min $109

30min $72


Pilates classes

Mat concession $26 (Total $156 for 6 classes) casual $33

Equipment concession of 6 $31 (Total $186) casual $41

Equipment concession of 10 $29.50 (Total $295) casual $41

Equipment concession of 20 $28.50 (Total $570) casual $41

Private Physio-led Clinical Pilates

30min $82

45min $118

60min $149

Duet 60min $77 each

Studio Instructor-led Pilates (No pain)

One-one 30min $65

One-one 45min $80

One-one 60min $105

Concession 6 (60min) $100 per session (Total $600)

Concession 10 (45min) $75 per session  (Total $750)

Concession 10 (60min) $95 per session  (Total $950)

Duet 45min $45 each

Duet 60min $60 each

Concession 10 (Duet, 60min) $55 per session (Total $550)

**If you are recovering from cancer or undergoing cancer treatment you may qualify for funding through PINC Pilates, please contact us for more information 


$120 for first session (60-75mins)

$100 for subsequent sessions (60mins) 

Concession $295 for first 3 sessions (save $25)


One-one 30min $55

One-one 45min $85

One-one 60min $105

One-one 90min $145


One-one 40min $90

One-one 60min $130

Duet 40min $60 each

Duet 60min $90 each

Trio 40min $45 each

Trio 60min  $70 each 


Initial 60min $175 

Follow up 30 min $80 

Duet 60min $265

Duet 30min $135

*Southern Cross 

Using your private health insurance is now very quick and simple with Southern Cross Easy Claim. If you qualify, we can charge Southern Cross directly, surcharges vary depending on your policy and you may be fully covered. Please let our receptionist know your Southern Cross number and they can let you know if you have anything to pay. 


If you have an accident and you would like physiotherapy treatment, you can come directly to Auckland Physiotherapy.

You don’t need a doctors referral before coming to see us for treatment. Please discuss with your Physiotherapist whether you are eligible for ACC and we can lodge your claim for you. 

ACC helps by paying for part of the cost of each physiotherapy treatment, which means you only have to pay $84 (normal price $149)* for your initial consultation and $52 (normal price $82)* for 30 minute follow up appointments (prices vary for extended follow up appointments, or dependent on the qualifications of the therapist you see - refer to prices above).

*Senior Physio Rate