Due to COVID-19 Auckland Physiotherapy services, including ACC and private Physio consultations, will now be online at a discounted rate using ZOOM or Google hangouts. 

It is a common misconception that Physiotherapy can only work if you get hands on treatment, however, this is not true. The key in treating any pain or injury is to get an accurate diagnosis and start moving and loading the body site in the correct manner. 

Physiotherapists get around 70% of the diagnosis from talking to you. There are special tests that confirm the diagnosis that we can get you to perform yourself online. Once we have the diagnosis, we can educate you on how you can get yourself better. This will include advice on day to day activities and a home exercise program that we will demonstrate, watch you complete and email to you.

Follow-up sessions are key to ensure that you're making good progress and moving in the right direction. We will review your symptoms, special tests and modify your program accordingly. Again most evidence in the treatment of injuries is on a progressive movement and strength program so with our help, you can move from pain to strength at home. If you do require hands on work, we will get you into our clinic's as soon as they are open.

If you need any equipment, we can organise our suppliers to get this sent to you so you can start your treatment as soon as possible. Check out our online store HERE.

Online surcharges


Masters Physio ACC 60mins $89

ACC 30mins $45

ACC 20mins $30 

Masters Physio Private 60mins $159

Private 30mins $79

Private 20mins $53

Senior Physio ACC 60mins $74

ACC 30mins $37

ACC 20mins $25

Senior Physio Private 60mins $139

Private 30mins $69

Private 20mins $46

Rehab Physio ACC 60mins $62

ACC 30mins $31

ACC 20mins $20

Private Rehab Physio 60mins $129

Private 30mins $64

Private 20mins $43