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Jul 03
Introducing protein oats, or in this case ‘zoats’ thanks to the sneaky addition of veggies! What on earth are 'zoats' you ask? The name sounds pretty fancy, but it’s simply just when you add zucchini to your porridge, make it even more nutrient-dense. We promise you won't notice even it’s there!
Jul 01
Recently this phrase has become more and more popular with the media as it’s catchy, and let’s face it, the media love to get our attention with worrying headlines. So is it as bad as they say? We all know the negative effects of smoking and how damaging it is to your health. But is excessive sitting as bad for your health as smoking?
Jun 28
Most people have heard of migraine or tension headaches but the term cervicogenic headache has been less well known and commonly missed until recently. Cervicogenic simply means coming from the neck. Click through to learn more from Masters Physiotherapist, Katy Street.
Jun 04
Every year, the reminders come through. Emails, pop-up ads, and phone calls promoting and requesting you join the Auckland marathon, half-marathon, or a number of other race events. Running coach and physiotherapist, Paul White, discusses 4 easy ways to prepare for your race to safeguard against injury and have you fighting fit.
May 28
Grab and go snacks and meals are becoming essential as our lives get busier. When trying to juggle work, family and taking care of our health, food needs to be convenient. These egg and veggie mini muffins are perfect as a high protein grab and go breakfast, a morning/afternoon snack or as the protein portion of your lunch.
May 16
We are all exposed to toxins on a daily basis, from the foods we eat and the air we breathe, to the products we use in our home and workplace. The modern consumer marketplace features a multitude of products that are filled with toxins and chemicals. Making your home healthier and reducing toxin exposure doesn’t have to be expensive, or overwhelming. Just a few simple changes can improve the health of your home, everyone in it -- and the planet we live on.
May 07
Which nutrient helps alleviate the pain of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, supports brain and skin health and also reduces the risk of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease? Not sure? Here’s a hint: it’s found in seafood and is particularly abundant in fish. If you answered omega-3, you are correct!
May 06
One of the most common questions new mums have is "When can I return to exercise?" Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this. Just like every pregnancy and birth is individual, so is the recovery time. Senior physiotherapist, Shannon, discusses the factors you should consider when returning to exercise after pregnancy.
May 02
Mother’s Day is fast approaching on May 12! Click through for some thoughtful gift ideas to treat your mum and show her how much you appreciate her.
Mar 28
It’s easy to be sceptical about the effectiveness of essential oils when it comes to mental or physical health issues, especially as so many companies promote them as a cure-all. There is, however, increasingly more scientific evidence to support the use of essential oils for overall health, including pain relief and reducing inflammation.
Mar 25
This is a great recipe for making on a Sunday as you can make enough for 3-4 lunches and store in the fridge. Keep it vegetarian, or add any protein of your choice! Keep it vegetarian, or add any protein of your choice for extra fats or flavour! Great combinations are Salmon & Avocado or Chicken & Hummus.
Mar 20
Masters Physio, Robyn discusses factors causing tendinopathy and how receiving the right physiotherapy treatment is essential to recovery.
Mar 11
This Chicken Laksa is a delicious, nutritionally balanced dinner which bursts with flavour and leaves you feeling warm and satisfied. It contains good healthy fats from the coconut cream, which helps reduce hunger after the meal as well as suitable for those who are dairy and/or gluten-free.
Feb 28
Paediatric Physio, Eloise addresses how to manage and treat torticollis in newborns through to young teens.
Feb 27
Often we crave carbs like noodles and pasta, but many of us get bloated off these foods due to the high gluten content. A substitute I love using in meals is rice noodles. You still get that comfort feeling of having "noodles" minus the potential bloating effect. This is a warming noodle dish that's full of flavour and low in cost by using in season ingredients.
Feb 18
Womens Health Physiotherapist, Michelle Gall discusses what actually is Stress Incontinence and what causes it. For Womens International Health Day, find out how a physiotherapist can help with bladder leakage!
Feb 04
his Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe is perfect for satisfying those Chinese Takeaway Dish cravings! It's higher in healthy fats, lower in sugar, and packed with more vegetables than traditional recipes, as well as being gluten-free for those who are intolerant.
Jan 30
Mindfulness Coach, Heyes Johnson, discusses the proven benefits of mindfulness and how it can be applied to your everyday life.
Dec 19
Carly from Thrive Wholesome Treats has been at it again with our Essential Oils to create yummy vegan treats! When ingested, Lavender Oil helps aid skin support, restful sleep, and your respiratory system.
Dec 03
Carly from Thrive Wholesome Treats has worked with our Peppermint Essential Oil to create a yummy vegan treat! Find out how essential oils in your diet can improve your wellness as well as the full recipe.
Nov 30
It's that time of year to spoil your loved ones. Whether they have been naughty or nice our gift guide is sure to do the trick!
Nov 06
Here's a really easy and tasty stir-fry that is nutritionally balanced, and helps you get your 5+ of vege a day. You can make it high or low carbohydrate based on your needs!
Oct 17
If your someone who craves chocolate or a sweet treat in the afternoon, this is perfect for you. No blender needed, no protein powder needed, just simple ingredients and takes just 25mins to make.
Oct 08
This lamb kofta recipe is a delicious, and easy homemade middle eastern dish. With lots of good flavours, healthy fats and protein its the perfect dinner and makes great leftovers
Sep 28
Tara discusses the benefits of essential oils for your lifestyle, as well as which essential oil is right for you.
Sep 11
Nutritionist Kimberley, discusses reasons why your diet may have plateaued. Check out her tips and reasons on how to get the most out of your diet.
Sep 03
It would be reasonable to assume that nagging groin pain is due to a pulled muscle. However, recurrent episodes of groin pain, or pain that gets worse over time, could be due to more serious issues and the longer you wait to treat it, the longer it can take to fully recover.
Sep 03
No matter when you join us, the Physios at Auckland Physiotherapy will ensure your Pregnancy Pilates program is tailored to the changes your body is going through each trimester.
Aug 27
Unlike a lot of "healthy slices" out there which use a lot of dates, this one is low in fructose and high in protein and healthy fats to stabilise your sugar levels in the afternoon, prevent the 4 pm snack attack, and prevent overeating at dinner time.
Aug 23
Physiotherapist, Darryl Reid addresses the old school policies on 'straight is the best posture' and how poorly guided focus on posture and core stability can have the opposite effect, sometimes making back pain worse.

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