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Dec 19
Carly from Thrive Wholesome Treats has been at it again with our Essential Oils to create yummy vegan treats! When ingested, Lavender Oil helps aid skin support, restful sleep, and your respiratory system.
Dec 03
Carly from Thrive Wholesome Treats has worked with our Peppermint Essential Oil to create a yummy vegan treat! Find out how essential oils in your diet can improve your wellness as well as the full recipe.
Nov 30
It's that time of year to spoil your loved ones. Whether they have been naughty or nice our gift guide is sure to do the trick!
Nov 06
Here's a really easy and tasty stir-fry that is nutritionally balanced, and helps you get your 5+ of vege a day. You can make it high or low carbohydrate based on your needs!
Oct 17
If your someone who craves chocolate or a sweet treat in the afternoon, this is perfect for you. No blender needed, no protein powder needed, just simple ingredients and takes just 25mins to make.
Oct 08
This lamb kofta recipe is a delicious, and easy homemade middle eastern dish. With lots of good flavours, healthy fats and protein its the perfect dinner and makes great leftovers
Sep 28
Tara discusses the benefits of essential oils for your lifestyle, as well as which essential oil is right for you.
Sep 11
Nutritionist Kimberley, discusses reasons why your diet may have plateaued. Check out her tips and reasons on how to get the most out of your diet.
Sep 03
It would be reasonable to assume that nagging groin pain is due to a pulled muscle. However, recurrent episodes of groin pain, or pain that gets worse over time, could be due to more serious issues and the longer you wait to treat it, the longer it can take to fully recover.
Sep 03
No matter when you join us, the Physios at Auckland Physiotherapy will ensure your Pregnancy Pilates program is tailored to the changes your body is going through each trimester.
Aug 27
Unlike a lot of "healthy slices" out there which use a lot of dates, this one is low in fructose and high in protein and healthy fats to stabilise your sugar levels in the afternoon, prevent the 4 pm snack attack, and prevent overeating at dinner time.
Aug 23
Physiotherapist, Darryl Reid addresses the old school policies on 'straight is the best posture' and how poorly guided focus on posture and core stability can have the opposite effect, sometimes making back pain worse.
Aug 06
There is something about butter chicken that's just so comforting and satisfying. This is a healthy version which doesn't contain any added sugar and has a good balance of healthy fats, carbohydrates and protein.
Jul 17
Have you ever wanted to know what it's like inside the Olympic Village? Senior Physiotherapist, Darryl Reid was the head physiotherapist for the Seychelles Olympic Team in the 2016 Rio Olympics. As well as part of the medical team for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Jul 11
Ankylosing Spondylitis Physio, Rachael, discusses 10 exercise guidelines for people with AS, to enhance
Jul 03
Nutritionist, Kimberley Bell, has done it again - this time with a yummy low carb red curry! Salads and steamed veggies don't quite cut it in winter, fortunately here is a dish that gives you that sense of soul-satisfying comfort without the high fat and carbs.
Jun 27
Physiotherapist Daryl Reid, discusses back pain and the myths behind the recovery. You don’t have to continue to live with the pain, or simply ‘put up with it’ any longer, read more about how we can help you!
Jun 13
Prolapse is a major health concern affecting New Zealand women, with as many as 75% of women experiencing some degree of prolapse in their lifetime. Womens Health Physiotherapist, Michelle Gall discusses how to tell if you have prolapse, how to prevent it and how to treat prolapse.
Jun 07
With the Auckland Marathon coming up on October 28th, it's time to start your training. Our Running Coach, Paul White gives you 4 tips on how to prepare yourself to avoid injury and do the best you can!
Jun 05
There's nothing more comforting in Autumn than a Risotto! Our Nutritionist Kimberley gives you her ultimate recipe for those cooler evenings, plus a low carb option too!!
May 30
Do you have inflammatory arthritis and do you feel unheard? Do you have Ankylosing Spondylitis? Do you feel there is nowhere to go? I want to hear your story. You deserve to be heard and you deserve help. I am willing.
May 02
Kimberley gives you her bircher recipe that is both high in healthy fats and protein with slow-burning carbohydrates. It's the perfect "grab and go" breakfast for those busy mornings!
Apr 23
With Autumn settling in, it's time to warm yourself up and what better way than a Turmeric Chai Latte. Kimberley our Nutritionist discusses the benefits of turmeric and a recipe on how to make this yummy treat!
Apr 11
Personal Trainer, Adele, gives you 5 top tips to help get you back into fitness after an injury. Regular exercise is essential for not only physical health but improves brain function, helps fight off illness, assists with digestion and much more.
Mar 22
If you've wanted increased performance or reduce tight muscles and injuries then the best place to start is your shoes! Paul White, Running Coach looks at the best shoes for your style of running as well as for children.
Feb 21
Ever wondered what Dry Needling is or how it can help you? Physiotherapist, Natalie Brunger answers all your questions on Dry Needling.
Jan 18
What is Mindfulness and does it actually work?
Jan 12
Welcome to 2018. The holiday season is coming to its inevitable end, although this fact doesn’t seem to make it any easier to accept the holidays are over. Personally, I feel the world is divided into those who make New Year resolutions and those that don’t. Some take time to plan the world, whilst others quiver at the idea of planning ahead more than what they might have for lunch in an hours time...
Nov 07
It's coming into the summer months and we want you to get moving, but we don't want you pulling your hammy! Read more on our tips on how you can prevent injury and stay active!
Oct 27
If you are over 60 years old and suffer from back and leg pain that is worse with standing and walking you may have spinal stenosis. Stenosis means that there is an area of narrowing around the nerves in your lower back. When you stand or walk your lower back extends and causes increased narrowing around nerves which may compress or pinch nerves. This compression can lead to pain, pins and needles and/or numbness in your legs.

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