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Jan 20
You're having a baby! A Women's Health physio consultation at Auckland Physiotherapy will help you understand how to keep your body to its best physical state, and what can be done to avoid or treat any pain and discomfort.
Jan 07
All too often women are suffering with issues they may find embarassing or too private to wish to discuss openly - however at Auckland Physiotherapy you will be supported by a team of friendly, professional and experienced people who can help!
Jan 06
Are you feeling tired? Difficulty concentrating? Irritable? Dizziness? Feeling cold? These are just a few of many common symptoms that are associated with iron deficiency. Understanding what iron does in our bodies, what deficiency can look like and how to prevent it can help you stay healthy.
Dec 02
Aotearoa New Zealand is stunning! Fuel your outside adventures with these power-packed, bite-sized energy balls made from healthy ingredients and infused with essential oils!
Dec 01
Nothing captures the rich flavours and aromas of summer quite like BBQ-seared meats or veggies! So, let’s get grilling with some fresh marinade recipes that will give your next backyard get together an essential oil-infused zing that you and your guests won’t forget!
Nov 24
Rain or shine, if you're coming by our clinic you're bound to see Paul White out in the carpark recording one of his clients run. You might be curious why he's collecting this visual data or what benefits it could provide to you and your running technique!
Nov 17
As we are getting our gardens back in order, be mindful of these quick tips in order to avoid any unwanted injuries.
Nov 09
Get out of your activewear and get into SRC’s medical grade compression to fast track your recovery while addressing conditions like Abdominal Muscle Separation (DRAM), Perineal Tears and stitches, C-Section wounds, Sciatica and Low Back Pain.
Oct 06
Whether you're an experienced runner, a new runner, or just getting back into it - calf strains are a commonality. They can be surprisingly innocuous, slow to resolve, and often repetitive in nature. Greg gives some simple tips to avoid this injury or recover from it.
Sep 19
Our Running Coach Paul shares an interesting podcast on orthotics and running performance.
Sep 05
Grocery store salad dressings are full of excess fat, sugar, and sodium. Use these recipes to whip up your own and feel good knowing exactly what’s in them, plus enjoy incredible essential oil flavor.
Aug 24
The spikey ball can do wonders - if you know how to use it! Predominantly it is used for self-massage and trigger point therapy of tight or sore muscles. This can help to decrease pain, improve flexibility and increase blood flow to the area.
Aug 18
It's your personal trainer's favourite, your pilates instructor's staple, and the equipment item your physiotherapist nags you to use! The versatile foam roller is a game changer to your posture, your workouts, your tight muscles, and your stiffness pains!
Aug 17
When it comes to maternity clothing there are so many choices, maternity leggings are no different. There is an abundance of physical health factors to consider during pregnancy and the humble black pregnancy leggings may just be the answer you’ve been looking for – of course, it has to be the right maternity leggings because they are not all created equally!
Aug 14
Sure, working on the couch sounds like a dream. But, after a few days, you might be fighting aches. We want to help you with some basic and important tips!
Aug 04
Are you 1 of the 750,000 New Zealanders who suffer from osteoarthritis? It often presents with pain, with or without stiffness and swelling around the joint, and can result in a significant loss of function.
Aug 03
Did you know that you can get the benefits of essential oils by ingesting them? In the winter months, it is important to remain conscious of keeping up our water consumption. Learn about ways to include essential oils while staying healthy and hydrated!
Jul 01
This healthy easy to make recipe gives you a nutrient-dense, truly delicious meal that is light yet filling and easily customisable. This dish substitutes noodles for zucchini, and is completely dairy and guilt free! Remove the gluten, say goodbye to the carbs (or save them for dessert) and provide your digestive system with plenty of fibre that is tasty and perfect to serve to guests!
Jun 23
35,000 head injuries happen annually in New Zealand and while most people associate concussion with sports, data from ACC show the majority happen in daily life. 70% of concussions recover in 14 days, and 95% recover within 4-6 weeks.
May 28
Have you ever wondered if your diet has an impact on inflammation and joint pain? Feel Fresh Nutrition's Julianne Taylor, a Registered Nutritionist & Nurse, discusses the inflammatory process and the evidence of how what we eat impacts on our joints and muscles.
May 01
Are you finding you can't move like you used to? Finding the exercise classes available on TV too hard? Experiencing joint, arthritic, or lower back pain? Do you want a plan specific to you? We have prepared two new packages to be delivered ONLINE to help with your mobility and movement care while at home!
Apr 28
Chicken, mango and avocado taste glorious together, especially with fresh crunchy vegetables and a nice squeeze of lemon juice! With half your plate containing non starchy vegetables, a good portion of protein, and oh so nutritious fats, you have a winner winner chicken dinner on your hands here!
Apr 28
In its simplest form, mental health describes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Realistically, we are all likely to struggle with our mental health at certain points in our lives. Poor mental health has been linked with both the development of musculoskeletal pain and can be an outcome as a result of pain.
Apr 20
The Covid-19 pandemic has meant changes in lifestyles and a requirement of working from home. Although physical activity has been encouraged by the Prime Minister and Ministry of Health during this time, there is a risk of increasingly sedentary behaviours. While physical inactivity is one of the major contributors to lower back pain, it is the also the easiest practice to modify.
Mar 16
Aubergines are a great source of dietary fibre (necessary for a happy healthy gut), as well as a plethora of vitamins and minerals, including manganese, folate and potassium. These mini eggplant pizzas are a fun way to get more veges into your diet and the kids will love them too! Thanks to Danijela from Feel Fresh Nutrition for this recipe.
Feb 28
It is commonly thought amongst surgical patients that once their procedure has been performed, and they have been discharged, that their recovery is done and dusted and their surgery was a success. However, no matter how pin-point perfect the surgery went, this is only the first step to becoming the fully-functional human-being you were before your injury/condition developed.
Feb 24
A versatile dish that is perfect for either lunch or dinner, this recipe is sure to become a staple in your repertoire! This salad is best served as an addition to your pick of protein-rich food (e.g. grilled fish or chicken, tossed with tinned butterbeans…). A big thanks to Danijela from Feel Fresh Nutrition for this recipe.
Jan 29
When we think of a massage, most of us think of the oh-so-good feeling when someone lightly rubs your shoulders after a long day at work, providing an instant feeling of relaxation and freedom to relieve you of all your tension and worries. While this is loosely known as a typical ‘classic’ massage to enhance relaxation, deep tissue massage is in a category of its own.
Jan 24
If you like Mexican, you're going to love this Healthy Mexican salad bowl recipe idea from Kimberley at Feel Fresh Nutrition. Play around with different food combinations based on your preferences. As a general guide, aim for a balanced plate that includes non-starchy vegetables, protein, healthy fats & wholefood carbohydrates. Enjoy!
Jan 06
Hummus is super versatile as a dip - enjoy it as a snack with vegetable sticks, as a healthy sandwich spread or dolloped over a lunchtime salad. Next time you’re meal prepping, whip up a batch to keep in the fridge for the week ahead!

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