Podiatry is a speciality that focuses on the lower limb (leg and ankle) and foot. Podiatrists deal with a broad range of issues that may arise in this part of the body. Musculoskeletal Podiatrists specifically assess the way that your feet and legs move. Perhaps you have pain in the area, or maybe you’re simply looking for advice before undertaking your next big adventure. Podiatrists are experts in footwear and orthotics, as well as the diagnosis and management of movement issues stemming from your feet.

When seeing a Podiatrist, you may be offered exercises to do, advice on footwear, custom made insoles (orthotics), or any of a range of other interventions. Most importantly, you will be provided with advice and leave with a better understanding of the role that your foot has in your overall movement patterns and/or symptoms. 

Common reasons why someone may see a podiatrist include:

  • Plantar heel pain (often referred to as plantar fasciitis)
  • Achilles tendinopathy, knee pain, shin pain, ankle pain, arch pain, or any other symptoms in your foot or ankle
  • To check if the movement of your foot is impacting a long-standing injury that you’re trying to manage
  • You have a long-standing foot/ankle issue and would like a second opinion.
  • Difficulty finding suitable footwear

At Auckland Physiotherapy, our Podiatrist has been practising in musculoskeletal podiatry for 13 years and has studied for 9 years (so far…). He holds his Masters and is on track to finish his PhD in 2023. Meet Aaron Jackson here.

Whilst you do not need to be referred to see a Podiatrist, it is helpful to bring along any previous medical notes or reports relating to your case. Additionally, our Podiatrist would love to see your shoes so please bring along some examples of what you regularly wear. 

Aaron can assist with:

  • Movement problems in the feet or stemming from the feet. For example, anyone who thinks that the way their feet move is impacting an injury somewhere in the body (or even just someone wants to check that the feet aren’t involved)
  • Sore feet, heels, ankles, shins, knees and legs
  • Difficulty with finding suitable shoes (functionally, not aesthetically )
  • Someone who was told that they “need orthotics” (this is actually quite common, and we can assess to determine their suitability)

The common things that podiatrists do that Aaron cannot help with:

  • Nail issues and hard skin (callous)
  • Ingrown nails

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