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Pilates is a journey... and we want to take you on it! 

Pain and injury can slow us down and stop us from doing what we love. Clinical Pilates allows you to exercise in a safe, effective way because it’s customised to your unique needs. 

At Auckland Physiotherapy, we want you to be your best. As cheesy as it sounds, your happiness is our happiness. We are constantly training and updating our experience and knowledge to give you the best recovery, and then keep you at your peak insuring optimal health and the reduction of risk of re-injury.



Recovery – Management – Maintenance - Strength – Wellness

If you currently have pain, you will start your journey with one of our highly trained Physio-Pilates Instructors. We may ease you into it by doing a few one-on-one's to get you moving before joining a Studio Physio Led Pilates Class. Once you are pain-free or managing your pain, it is time to get you strong. You will ‘graduate’ to instructor-led classes and/or one-on-one’s. Here you will continue to work on your goals, flexibility and strength for optimal wellness.

No journey is plain sailing. If you have a flare-up, or re-injure yourself, you may need to go back to Physio-led Clinical Pilates. We keep notes along the way and always give referrals so you will never have to repeat yourself.

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This can be partially covered by ACC or by insurance companies such as Southern Cross (depending on your policy), check out OUR FEES page for more info.



You don't need to be in pain to enjoy the benefits of Pilates. Completing regular Pilates will help with your day to day activities, posture at work and your sporting performances. If you do not have pain but just want to be strong and healthy, great! You graduate straight to instructor-led Pilates, whether that is one-on-one’s, duets or classes. We still need to know you and your body, so we ask for a 45-minute assessment prior to your first class, even if you have done Pilates before, this helps us to really personalise our plans for you.


We love getting people moving. We offer a variety of Pilates classes morning, noon and night out of our boutique Newmarket clinic. This includes mat and equipment classes. We keep the classes small to make sure everyone is completing the exercises safely and effectively. The classes are suitable for all levels as the instructor will provide variations on the exercises to suit your level.

We have experienced Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors taking the classes so you can find the right class for you. We ask everyone that joins the classes to have a 1-1 45minute session prior to starting. Here you will discuss your goals and what you want to achieve. You will be shown how to find your neutral spine, how to engage your pelvic floor and deep abdominals, along with a few basic moves. You will then start a graduated Pilates exercise program that is individualised to your body and needs. *We advise that you have at least 2-3 one-on-one sessions with a physio or instructor before proceeding on to a class.



Our specialised Physio-Pilates Instructors will take your history, current symptoms and goals. They will complete a full assessment including looking at your posture, movement patterns and strength. Based on these findings, they will create a programme that will help you get from pain to strength.

Time: 60 mins

Cost: $149


With guidance from your Physio, you will work through the various Pilates machines, working on your problem list and goals. Here you will learn how to move your body without pain, with efficiency and build strength in your core and body. This is a great way to get your ready for a class.

45 mins: $115 ($68 ACC)

60 mins: $145 ($84 ACC)

Concession: 10 for $1250 ($125 per session)*


These classes are small and intimate with a ratio of 1 Physio to 3-5 people. They will use various pieces of Pilates equipment including the Reformer and Trapeze Table to work on your problems and goals. They will guide you into each exercise ensuring correct technique and adapt exercises to meet your needs.

Cost: Casual: $41

Concessions: $186 for 6 classes ($31/class); $295 for 10 classes ($29.50/class); $570 for 20 classes ($28.50/class) *

Time: 45 mins

How Do I Book?

For your first appointment or individual/duet sessions you can book HERE. For classes, bookings can be made easily through the MindBody app. This is free to download and allows you to book, cancel and pay for your classes. If you need help using the app, click here to email us and we can send you an information sheet.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We understand that cancellations can occasionally be unavoidable. Classes are however, small with limited spots, so please give us as much notice as possible so we can give your space to someone else. If cancellations are made with less than 24 hours notice, or you do not turn up, payment will be charged, or a concession used.



Think of this like a warrant of fitness. One of our passionate Instructors will ask you about your current health and goals. They will then complete a Pilates Fitness screening assessment to assess your posture, strength and flexibility. This will show them what level you are and what areas need to be targeted. From here you can decide to have one-on-one's or go into classes. It is also always good to come back and have a re-assessment to see how you have improved and where you need to work next.

Cost: $110

Time: 60 mins


Our Instructors love to challenge you and to work you hard. Strengthening your mind body connection, you will work in the studio focussing on the areas that the assessment highlighted needing attention. You will work at your level and the instructors will follow your every move ensuring good technique. Great for following up after your Physio rehab.

45 mins: $80

60 mins: $105

Concessions: $600 for 6 x 60 min sessions*, or $950 for 10 x 60min sessions*


Small and challenging classes with a ratio of 1 Instructor to 3-5 people. Progressing you through the Pilates repertoire, using all of the equipment, including the reformer and spring boards. You will have you own individualised programme working on your goals and needs.

Cost: Casual: $41

Concession: $186 for 6 classes ($31/class)*

Time: 45 mins



If you are not in pain or have just finished your rehab with a Physio and just want to go straight into classes this is perfect for you. We ask you to come in for a quick 45 minute one-on-one assessment prior to joining a class. This allows us to get to know you, your body and your goals. It will also give us time to teach you the basic moves, so you get the most out of your first class, and, that you don’t injure your self! Practice makes perfect so you will also receive an online exercise programme.

Cost: $83

Time: 45 mins


All body workout to help improve strength and posture. Small classes to ensure correct technique and safety. Have a look at our timetable as we have Physio-led (often lower level, perfect during injury) and Instructor level (often harder, perfect for after injury).

Cost: Casual: $34

Concession: $156 for 6 classes ($26/class)*

Time: 45 min


One 45 minute one-on-one with a physiotherapist and then 5 weeks of classes that will include mat and equipment work getting you ready to join any of our classes. This course happens twice a year so email us here to see when the next one is.

Cost: $225



Post Natal Pilates can be started any time after your 6-week post natal check. You must book in for a 45min Post Natal assessment prior to starting these classes. This is a mat class and bringing bub along is fine (up to the age of 7 months)!

Cost: Post-natal assessment: $149

          Mums and Bubs class prep: $83

Classes: Casual: $34 / Concession: $156 for 6 classes ($26/class)*

Time: 45 mins


You can start Pregnancy Pilates at any stage throughout your pregnancy. It is recommended you book in for a 45min individual assessment prior to starting classes so your programme can be tailored to your stage of pregnancy. This is an equipment class utilising reformer, springboards and trapeze. If you do not like classes, come in one-on-one’s for a more individualized session.

Cost: 60 min Pregnancy Assessment: $149 

         45 min Pregnancy Class Prep: $83

Classes: Casual: $40 / Concession: $180 for 6 classes ($30/class)*


It is fun to do Pilates with a friend, loved one or even your work mates. We have Duet, Trio and corporate rates. Email us HERE to find out more about Trio and Coporate rates.

Duet Pilates:

Cost: Clinical Pilates with a Physio: $70 each

Studio Pilates with a Instructor: $60 each ($55 with a concession of 10)

Time: 60 mins


* Concessions of 6 are valid for 3 months from purchase, concessions of 10 are valid for 6 months, and concessions of 20 are valid for 12 months.