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Pilates Class Descriptions


Our reformer classes are small and intimate with a maximum of 6 people to enable us to give you a safe and supportive environment.
The perfect class for anyone that wants to get started in Reformer Pilates or wants to develop and grow their practice at a slow pace. This curated full-body movement class will teach you each exercise with clear instruction and guidance to enable you to improve your strength, flexibility and balance.
A fun, faster paced and more challenging class that is a great way to build strength, energy and tone. Designed for experienced clients who have no current injuries or pain. This full body movement class will involve more intermediate and advanced exercises along with higher springs for more resistance.
What is better than combining the best of mat and reformer movements into one medium paced class? This class is designed for all ages and abilities as modifications and progressions are provided at every step.


Pilates Studio Classes are small and intimate with a ratio of 1 instructor to 3-5 people. Its uses a combination of all of the pilates equipment, in a tailored made session that gets modified each week to work on your problems and goals. The instructor will guide you into each exercise ensuring correct technique and adapt exercises to meet your needs.
If you are currently in pain, you will start your Pilates journey with one of our highly trained Physio- Pilates Instructors doing a 1-1 clinical Pilates session. The session will include a short assessment, highlighting your problems, goals. We will then teach you the basics, provide you with a home exercise program and get you started on the machines. They may also suggest a RTUS session to ensure you're engaging the correct muscles. When you're ready ( we advise a minimum of 1 but ideally 3 sessions) you can join a Physio-led Studio class where the Physio guides you in your exercises ensuring you not only are safe, but are completing the best program to meet your needs and goals.
If you are pain-free or managing your pain, you can join an instructor led class. Here, our highly trained instructors will push you safely into strength while continuing to work on your flexibility, strength and goals for optimal wellness.


We're currently not running Pregnancy classes but our pregnant ladies are welcome to join any Studio Class as these classes are small and clients complete an individual program.
This is a mat class that you can bring your baby to. The 45 minute class is filled with specific exercises to target all of the right muscles to help you recover from pregnancy and birth. You can start the class after your 6 week check and the all clear from our Women's Health Physio team. This class is currently on hold. Please enquire if interested.
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