ADELE GRIFFIN - Personal Trainer and Educational PT advisor

Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education, Netfit PT NZQA quals - Level 2-4, Classical Pilates Instructor  - Advanced, Qualified ZUU and Ankor Instructor

Adele is a qualified personal trainer and Pilates instructor who is passionate and committed to supporting her clients on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Adele also has a teaching background with adults and children in the NZ fitness and educational industries. She loves to use this experienced skill set to be a motivator, inspirer and teacher to help people discover their true fitness potential. 

Adele uses a variety of fitness and strength training, including Pilates and rehabilitation exercises. Her client/trainer friendly communication, effective programming and current exercise knowledge gives her clients the confidence to achieve their personal goals and develop exciting and sustainable lifestyle improvements She works with all age groups to provide fun, effective, dynamic and above all realistic fitness programmes for all.

Adele's Hours: Newmarket

Wed: 8am - 11am

Thurs: 3pm - 6pm