Health coaching encompasses the sciences of positive psychology, behaviour change, nutrition,
exercise and lifestyle medicine with the dynamic art of relationships, teamwork and community


Health coaching encompasses the sciences of positive psychology, behaviour change, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle medicine with the dynamic art of relationships, teamwork and community.

Just like sports coaches, the role of a Health Coach is to inspire confidence in you, to share knowledge with you and find ways to motivate you to achieve your goals. Working with a personal Health Coach allows you to fully explore your health and wellbeing in all its facets and empowers you to create a plan for your health that really works for the long term.

The focus is on guiding and assisting you to elicit and clarify your values, gain insights into your lifestyle practices and develop a deeper understanding of the possibilities and pathways to the resolution of your health challenges.  During each session, you’ll receive personalised coaching to work through the health, wellbeing and life issues most important to you. You’ll also receive feedback, tailored plans and training on the areas that you want to improve.

Some common areas that clients wish to work on include:

● Weight loss
● Building healthy habits
● Better sleep
● Motivation + accountability
● Mental well-being + clarity
● Finding Life balance


If you think working with a Health Coach could take your health to the next level then book online for a complimentary 30-minute sample session.

All Health Coaching sessions can take place face to face in our clinic or over a secure online platform.

We offer single appointments for you to see if this is for you or we provide bespoke packages to help you achieve your goals. 

Health Coaching Testimonial:

"Kirsten has been a great help in getting me back on track with exercise and good nutrition.  I have always liked exercise but it had become difficult because of a number of arthritic issues causing pain.  I was frustrated and depressed about my situation and had stopped trying.  She understands pain and has patiently coached me to set small goals so I am now able to do a lot more.  Kirsten has a great range of skills, knowledge and experience along with an encouraging manner to provide support on whatever your personal health journey might be." 



"I was focused on physical health (food and exercise) but achieving limited results. Kirsten helped me look at my health and wellbeing with a more holistic view, introducing me to easy techniques to manage stress and improve sleep. Kirsten encouraged me towards a more balanced lifestyle; to do the things I enjoy without my usual boom and bust cycles. These coaching sessions with Kirsten certainly motivated me to action my plan."

Meet The Team

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Kirsten Rose -

Over my career I’ve worked in clinical hospital positions, private practice clinics, training, mentoring and regional management positions. I have spent many years working with clients with a wide variety of injuries, mental and physical health concerns or life events that have knocked them off track.

One of my biggest learnings through all of this, is that we cannot take our health for granted. The foundations of our health and the pillars of performance differ by degree, not kind. Optimising our lifestyle habits (sleep, nutrition, movement and social connection) are a key part of maximising our potential to live a happy and full life, regardless of our starting point. 

But life is busy right? Putting these practices into place is no easy task in this modern day world.  I know first hand how hard it is to juggle all the balls in the air. We are also bombarded by information about what we “should” be doing to stay healthy, so it can be difficult to decide what is the right choice for you. Most often, we overlook the simple things in favour of something that sounds more flashy, more promising, or the quicker option. 

These experiences led me to Health Coaching where we focus on those key foundations. As Health Coach I’m not here to be another Health Professional telling you what to do. It’s my job to help you actually implement what you know, to help you work out how it fits in your life and to make it sustainable. If you’re willing to put in the work from your end too, then we’re going to make a great team!

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