Rehabilitation for children with musculoskeletal injuries and developmental concerns


A child is unique, not just as an individual, but as they grow. Skeletal growth of a child changes at a phenomenal rate from infancy, childhood and into adolescence. Due to these rapid changes many children may experience growing pains and discomfort; some of these issues will resolve with time and others may require exercises or activity modification to ensure the child can return to play and sport as quickly as possible. 

At Auckland Physiotherapy, our paediatric physiotherapist has been lucky to work with children and their families for over 10 years. They have expertise and experience working with children of all ages though their growth and development.

How can physiotherapy help?

It is vital that we protect and support our children and equip them with the opportunities to succeed in their growth potential. Growth can be compromised by many factors from birth through to a sporting injury. Paediatric physios are equipped with the skills to assess, diagnose and manage childhood musculoskeletal development of all ages.

This includes:
•soft tissue injury 
•sports injury
•joint pain
•developmental concerns or conditions
•post op orthopaedic rehabilitation
•graded return to sport and activity
•normal variants

If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s growth, development or have had an injury then please get in touch


We are passionate about the appropriate and effective management of high level sporting children. It is vital we continue to support growth with extreme levels of activity. This includes adequate pre and post warm up and cool down with flexibility and graded return to support this ensuring children reach their optimum potential.

Children’s therapy is a specialist role and requires a high skill set to understand and recognise childhood growth. Let’s get it right and help your child be the best they can be!

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