We are in the business of making people feel good!

We are a trusted, qualified and experienced team of nutritionists based in Auckland Physiotherapy’s Newmarket clinic. We deliver science-based nutritional information to our clients in a way that encourages and motivates positive diet and lifestyle changes, to lead to long term results. We live and breathe nutrition – and are 100% passionate about results.


● Weight loss, gain and maintenance, and other body compositional changes e.g. muscle gain

● Sports nutrition

● Managing inflammation

Strategies for improving and managing heart health, hypertension and cholesterol

● Type 2 diabetes

● Gut issues (e.g. IBS)

● Low energy and nutrition for mood

● Non-diet nutrition: helping chronic dieters break the cycle and develop a healthy

relationship with food and their body

● Disordered and emotional eating

● Female hormonal health/period health/menopause

● Practical and lifestyle nutrition: meal plans, budgeting, nutrition in the kitchen and making it

work for you!

● We also work with speciality diets, for example vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free

diets, FODMAPS, paleo and LCHF

● Workplace Wellness seminars and onsite consultations


Initial consultation are our starting point for first-timers in the clinic, and can be booked as a lone consultation or as a part of one of our packages. During an initial consultation we will collaboratively work with you to create a nutrition program that will be tailored to your personal needs. We will assess your current lifestyle and eating habits to establish your food preferences and routines, we’ll get to know you and explore your relationship with food, we’ll take any relevant essential measurement, and then from there devise a meal plan specific to you and your body composition – there is never a one size fits all plan! You will also be educated on various health topics that we feel are imperative to your success, and supported along your journey. Consultation are in person from our New Market clinic, however we also offer Skype options. To book an appointment please click the link here to be taken to our calendar.


We also offer follow-up consultation are for those who have already had an initial consultation. Here we check in on your progress towards your nutrition and health goals. We’ll discuss what’s working/not working, and any challenges or barriers you may be facing, and ensure you have the tools needed to move forward. Information you are already familiar with is built on, with content adjusted to your goals and priorities. Finally we’ll modify your plan to ensure you’re always learning and moving forward!


The benefit of using a team: We are able to allocate clients to the appropriate nutritionist using the best fit based on experience, skills and passions. Between the seven nutritionists, we are able to tackle every nutritional request that is presented to us.


Professional registration recognises Nutritionists who have obtained relevant academic qualifications and work experience within the field of nutrition. The title can only be used by those who have meet these standards, as determined by The Nutrition Society of New Zealand, and comes with a continued commitment to professional development and adherence to the Royal Society of New Zealand Code of Ethics. We have a team of 7!


When you work alongside a Registered Nutritionist, your health insurance plan may cover all or some of your appointment cost.FFN_logo.png

Please review your health insurance policy to determine whether you're eligible for cover.



Have any questions? Drop us a line at info@feelfreshnutrition.com.

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