AARON JACKSON - Masters Qualified Podiatrist

BHSc (Hons) in Podiatry, MHPrac (Rehabilitation)
Current PhD candidate at AUT

Special interests: Foot and lower limb biomechanics/injuries, walking and running gait, footwear and orthotics

Since graduating as a Podiatrist in 2009. Aaron has worked in a range of clinical and non-clinical roles. His experience and special interest is predominantly in musculoskeletal podiatry, that is, how the movement of the foot and ankle is linked to symptoms. The foot is a complex structure and Aaron enjoys working alongside patients to understand and address the root cause of their pain, often these movement issues may have gone undiagnosed for some time.

Now a lecturer and researcher at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Aaron is responsible for teaching musculoskeletal podiatry, footwear, and orthoses to Podiatry students. His research interests are also related to how certain frequently used orthotic modifications influence the foot during walking and running. As a clinician, Aaron values understanding and will spend the time with you to ensure that you fully understand what is going on and have had your questions answered. Outside of clinical and university work, Aaron has also worked as a biomechanical consultant to several footwear retailers and brands, helping to improve teams' understanding of foot biomechanics.

Work aside, Aaron is a dad, husband, runner and enjoyer of beer and BBQ. 

Aaron can assist with:

  • Movement problems in the feet or stemming from the feet. For example, anyone who thinks that the way their feet move is impacting an injury somewhere in the body (or even just someone wants to check that the feet aren’t involved)
  • Sore feet, heels, ankles, shins, knees and legs
  • Difficulty with finding suitable shoes (functionally, not aesthetically )
  • Someone who was told that they “need orthotics” (this is actually quite common, and we can assess to determine their suitability)

The common things that podiatrists do that Aaron cannot help with:

  • Nail issues and hard skin (callous)
  • Ingrown nails

Aaron's Hours:  

Weds: 2pm - 7pm

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