14 September 2022
Ankle sprain - Fully funded care at Auckland Physiotherapy

By Mark Quinn, Masters Physiotherapist Ankle sprain is one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries. A recent analysis of the research has shown that females are at a higher risk of sustaining an ankle sprain compared with males and children compared with adolescents and adults. Indoor and court sports are the highest risk activity but […]

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3 March 2021

Senior Physio and Running Coach Paul White joins RNZ Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for their Monday experts segment!

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22 February 2021
Skipping Is My New Years Resolution with Paul White

Paul White is a Senior Physio and our Running Coach, read why he has made it his new years resolution to complete two skipping sessions a week!

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24 November 2020
Paul White On Why He Records Runners Running

Rain or shine, if you're coming by our clinic you're bound to see Paul White out in the carpark recording one of his clients run. You might be curious why he's collecting this visual data or what benefits it could provide to you and your running technique!

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19 September 2020
Orthotics and Running with Paul White

Our Running Coach Paul shares an interesting podcast on orthotics and running performance.

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