Our Ask A Physio series is a collection of microblogs aimed at giving a basic understanding of some frequently asked questions. If you have an injury or are experiencing discomfort please book an assessment or contact reception for more information.

Why are shoes important for lower limb issues?

It’s not just with leg and lower limb issues! We spend more time in our shoes than any other piece of clothing, and they can have the same impact on us that tyres have on our cars. A sudden change or wearing out of footwear is a really common reason or contributing factor to what we see in the clinic.

When in doubt, go for a shoe which is neutral, supportive, and comfortable. All of our current research says that the flash measuring devices and pressure plates aren’t as good as your own idea of comfort. Another good tip is to check out the wear on the tread of your shoes, again a bit like tyres. If the tread is starting to sit flush with the rest of the shoe, chances are the innards aren’t looking too good, and it’s time for a new pair!

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