24 November 2020
Paul White On Why He Records Runners Running

Rain or shine, if you're coming by our clinic you're bound to see Paul White out in the carpark recording one of his clients run. You might be curious why he's collecting this visual data or what benefits it could provide to you and your running technique!

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17 November 2020
Avoiding Gardening Injuries with Mark Quinn

As we are getting our gardens back in order, be mindful of these quick tips in order to avoid any unwanted injuries.

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6 October 2020
The Notorious Running Calf Injury With Greg Gibson

Whether you're an experienced runner, a new runner, or just getting back into it - calf strains are a commonality. They can be surprisingly innocuous, slow to resolve, and often repetitive in nature. Greg gives some simple tips to avoid this injury or recover from it.

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19 September 2020
Orthotics and Running with Paul White

Our Running Coach Paul shares an interesting podcast on orthotics and running performance.

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23 June 2020
Concussion Recovery with Chris Smith

35,000 head injuries happen annually in New Zealand and while most people associate concussion with sports, data from ACC show the majority happen in daily life. 70% of concussions recover in 14 days, and 95% recover within 4-6 weeks.

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