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Avoiding Gardening Injuries with Mark Quinn

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Compiled by our Masters trained Physiotherapist Mark Quinn. To book an appointment with Mark, or read his Meet the Team profile CLICK HERE

During the change of seasons it is very common for most of us to be tackling our garden - follow these simple tips to avoid associated gardening injuries!


Gardening by nature is a physical activity. Unless you're regularly gardening all year round, your body will not be trained up for this activity.
Don't go at it too fast or hard, take breaks, mix up your tasks. The importance here is to change up your posture - stand up, stretch, go have a cup of tea (or as James would suggest, a wine!)

Equip yourself

Again, as this activity may not be regular for you so let's do what we can to save your back, knees, and hands. Try a low gardening stool to change up your positioning and reduce the back strain. Use gloves to protect your hands and provide support as you get stuck in. Get some knee pads, or use a towel, to be comfortable in a kneeling position.  

Be steady

Don't overextend yourself. It's tempting to stretch that little bit further or higher - but this is where accidents can happen. Check your footing is stable, the ladder is secure. We don't want any surprises that could lead to quick or jarring movements.

Avoid repetition

Doing the same activity over and over can cause muscle strains and posture related injuries. Break up the digging, the weeding, the secateur trimming, etc. Change regularly between activities, take breaks, stretch and adjust your posture. Did I already say to take time out and have a cup of tea?

Taking it easy

Remember gardening should be a calming therapeutic experience. You're outside breathing in the clear air, you should be relaxed - so if you're finding yourself angry or frustrated with a stubborn root it's time to take a step back. Consider using a different tool, a different method, or just having a break and coming back to it later. Tea?

Rest and recovery

At the end of your successful day gardening, remember to stretch those tired muscles. Enjoy a good soak in the bath - we sell some amazing bath salts you should try! Auckland Physiotherapy also offers some great massage services!
It's now time to sit back, relax and enjoy your handiwork - and yes, wine!


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