1 November 2021
Product Review: AWWA GARMENTS with Helen Dudley

Physiotherapist and new mum Helen reviews our new AWWA garments.
Thin, leak-proof designs in a range of colours & sizes. Made with organic fabric to keep you dry all day.

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20 January 2021
Postpartum Checks, Pelvic Exams, and Incontince with Renee Knowles

You're having a baby! A Women's Health physio consultation at Auckland Physiotherapy will help you understand how to keep your body to its best physical state, and what can be done to avoid or treat any pain and discomfort.

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7 January 2021
What Is Women's Health Physiotherapy with Renee Malyon

All too often women are suffering with issues they may find embarassing or too private to wish to discuss openly - however at Auckland Physiotherapy you will be supported by a team of friendly, professional and experienced people who can help!

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