11 April 2023
Mum’s it's time for some self-care

By Liz Brookes, Pilates Instructor As a busy Mum taking time out for yourself with a regular movement practice is so important when you’re constantly taking care of others and are constantly on the go. When things get a little overwhelming during your day take a few minutes to restore your nervous system with some […]

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21 March 2023
Yoga vs Pilates

Movement Therapy by Mira Boeyens Should I be doing yoga or pilates, is one superior over the other… and what is actually the difference between the two?  Firstly, both yoga and pilates is for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced gurus. However, there are some differences that’s noteworthy, especially if you are recovering from an […]

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8 June 2022
Yoga at Auckland Physiotherapy

Traditionally, yoga is a physical and mental practice that originated in India. However, despite its ancient origins, yoga has continued to develop over time and is suited to everyone. Yoga is a mind and body practice. It combines physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation/relaxation. A regular yoga practice promotes strength, flexibility and calmness, which supports a well-balanced, active […]

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