To improve the outcomes of our spinal and Women’s Health clients, Auckland Physiotherapy has purchased a real time ultrasound machine. This safe and non-invasive technique allows you to see how your deep core and pelvic floor muscles are working. This can accelerate your rehabilitation as you can ensure the right muscles are working, at the right time and right amount. We know strengthening your core is hard, but with this machine, we hope to improve your efficiency and confidence in your exercises.

What conditions can it be used for:

- SIJ pain
- Post-op spinal rehabilitation
- Low back pain
- Hip pain
- Pelvic floor
- Sciatica
- Pelvic pain and instability

How does it work?

We use the same type of scanning machine that is used to look at babies and diagnose tissue issues. Imaging involves the transmission of sound waves into the body. Sound waves reflect from tissue boundaries that they encounter. The signals are collected and displayed as images. Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging allows the Physiotherapist to observe movement of tissue such as fascia and muscle, in real time.

What information does it tell us?

Using the rehabilitative ultrasound, you can watch your different layers of muscles contract, relax and most importantly look at their muscle contraction timing. This helps your rehabilitation by,

- Ensuring you’re contracting the right muscles
- Improving your endurance by seeing the muscles work in real time
- Building your confidence in completing your exercises
- Monitoring progress and progressing your exercises accordingly. 

This is great to do before starting a core rehabilitation program either at home with our online exercise programs or in our Pilates service.

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