A height-adjustable pillow designed to distribute your baby's weight evenly ensuring your baby remains at eye level to your breast.



The BabyBaby is a height adjustable pillow designed to mould around your body distributing your baby's weight evenly across it while ensuring your baby remains at eye level to your breast. Thus enabling you to sit comfortably upright and reducing back pain.Strengthen your core muscles, ankles, knees, and hips as well as increase joint stability. This versatile and lightweight board helps develop your ability to balance in all angles of movement.

Is this the right pillow for me?

- Suits most new or expecting mums, and if you're very petite or a mum with curvaceous curves then the Koru Embrace range is perfect for you.

- The nursing pillows are designed to distribute your babies weight evenly across the pillow removing the pressure from your incision site after a c-section. This will aid your recovery.

- This special design and large surface area allows you to not only nurse one beautiful baby, but two.

- You have have full control over the height of this pillow; you can add or remove the New Zealand made filling.

- Brilliant for contact napping and using to help prop up a baby to prevent reflux, colic and other gastrointestinal issues.

- 100% durable cotton cover can be machined washed.

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