24 August 2020
How To Ease Pain & Tension Using A Spikey Ball with Helen Dudley

The spikey ball can do wonders - if you know how to use it! Predominantly it is used for self-massage and trigger point therapy of tight or sore muscles. This can help to decrease pain, improve flexibility and increase blood flow to the area.

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18 August 2020
It's Time To Get A Foam Roller! with Helen Dudley

It's your personal trainer's favourite, your pilates instructor's staple, and the equipment item your physiotherapist nags you to use! The versatile foam roller is a game changer to your posture, your workouts, your tight muscles, and your stiffness pains!

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4 August 2020
Arthritis & Management With Mark Quinn

Are you 1 of the 750,000 New Zealanders who suffer from osteoarthritis? It often presents with pain, with or without stiffness and swelling around the joint, and can result in a significant loss of function.

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23 June 2020
Concussion Recovery with Chris Smith

35,000 head injuries happen annually in New Zealand and while most people associate concussion with sports, data from ACC show the majority happen in daily life. 70% of concussions recover in 14 days, and 95% recover within 4-6 weeks.

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