DARNIELLE SILVER - Pilates Instructor

Darnielle’s passion for movement dates back to her early childhood with a love of Ballet and Sports (not her Dance Teacher’s ideal combination!). As a teacher, Darnielle enjoys the opportunity to guide a client in the deep discovery of their own movement, helping people move well through their daily life.  Darnielle believes that learning through movement leads to greater self awareness, discovery and growth. Her strength as a teacher is found in her deep understanding of the Pilates practice and principles in her own body. She finds great joy in the journey which movement can encourage, both her own and the journey of her clients, and is inspired to more closely integrate both the physical and emotional self, looking at how the joy of movement improves internal wellness.

Pilates first discovered Darnielle in the early 2000s as part of a rehab programme for what had, at that time, been a long existing lower back issue. An unexpected entry point into what was to become an intense and enduring love of physical discovery for both herself and others. 
In 2014 Darnielle took her Pilates love to a new level by fulfilling her desire to teach, completing her Pilates Mat training with Polestar UK in 2015. Then after 20 years living in both the US and England, returned home to NZ with her English partner (in tow).
Darnielle subsequently completed her Pilates Comprehensive training with Polestar NZ in 2018. 

2015 Polestar Pilates Mat, Polestar Pilates

2018 Comprehensive Studio Pilates Certification, Polestar Pilates 

Darnielle's Hours: Newmarket

Tues: By Appointment

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