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January 12, 2018 at 1:16 PM

Welcome to 2018. The holiday season is coming to its inevitable end, although this fact doesn’t seem to make it any easier to accept the holidays are over. Personally, I feel the world is divided into those who make New Year resolutions and those that don’t. Some take time to plan the world, whilst others quiver at the idea of planning ahead more than what they might have for lunch in an hours time. Whatever camp you sit in, it is natural to spend some time dwelling on what happened last year. To evaluate your successes, and/or to try and bury those things that weren't so good. Most will probably then try and formulate a plan for the following year ahead based on what you didn't manage to achieve.

So, what do you want? With regards to the health sphere, I hear a lot of...“I want to be fit again”, “I want to be healthy, stronger, more resilient” and, “I want to feel good again”. I think these are great statements, the next question is how? We have a plethora of options at our disposal. The gym, Pilates, CrossFit, boot camp to name a few.

My choice, however, is running. I have run for the last 20 years and why you might ask? There are many reasons why, but these are my top reasons...

1. It's easy to access while being super cost effective. I find the fewer barriers, the easier it is to achieve each week. No one can argue here.

2. It's an outdoor exercise. You get your vitamin D hit at the same time. Tick Tick. This for me is a high priority.

3. It’s good for a number of body systems. Heart, lungs, and brain. All of your muscles in your body are being used. Legs more of course, but your arms still have to work...

4. Stress relief. Ask my wife what I am like if I don’t get to go running 3-4 times a week, she will give a better description of the negative effects of not running.

5. You sleep better. Is it the sunshine, is it being outside, is it the aerobic workout? Who knows but I sleep much better when in my running routine.

6. More energised. Funny huh, I go running regularly and I have more energy, the less I run the more lethargic I feel?

7. It’s measurable, there are loads of events that you can complete to help keep you motivated throughout the year.


I have been running regularly for over 20 years now and I love it, I love the way it makes me feel. I want other people to have the same buzz. There are other buzz’s out there, however, are they as good? Can you get it as easy as the running buzz?

However, there is always a however. Here is my physio advice - GO SLOW. In the Physio medical industry, we talk about the principle of gradual overload. Our bodies, our muscles, our tendons, and our hearts work on the principle that if you gradually load them they will adapt. They adapt to the stress and then grow stronger. The opposite to this is if you load to quickly, you run the risk of stressing too much, overloading and then injuring.

By Paul White. 


For those who want a plan here is a great resource, couch to 5km check it out here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/c25k-5k-trainer/id485971733?mt=8or - or for a more individualised assessment of where you are at come talk to Paul White who can create an individualised programme to suit you.

Paul is our resident running expert, check out his bio here. He also offers video analysis of runners within his running assessments.

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