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Not All Maternity Leggings Are Created Equal

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Article compiled by our supplier SRC Health. To see our available range of SRC Pregnancy & Recovery garments please visit our ONLINE STORE

When it comes to maternity clothing there are so many choices, maternity leggings are no different, however, it’s not all about personal fashion choices and brand labels. Often, and more importantly it’s about your needs. Pregnancy is a time of tremendous physiological changes and what most of us ladies are still unaware of, is that the right choice of pregnancy leggings. These may assist your body to better deal with some of the added pressures the little human inside you is placing on your joints, muscles and organs.

There is also an abundance of physical health factors to consider during pregnancy and the humble black pregnancy leggings may just be the answer you’ve been looking for – of course, it has to be the right maternity leggings because they are not all created equally.

Commonly occurring physical conditions affecting wellbeing during pregnancy:

  • Approximately 50% women experience low back pain during pregnancy. (1)
  • 45% of women experience Pelvic Girdle pain, SI Joint pain and Pubic Bone pain during pregnancy. (2,3)
  • Varicose Veins of the legs are reported to affect up to 70% of pregnant women (4) and Vulval Veins are seen in 4% of women (5), something everyone who suffers with is too embarrassed to talk about.

Drumroll…introducing the SRC Pregnancy garments!
SRC Pregnancy Leggings and Shorts are maternity leggings ideal for providing pain relief during pregnancy and treating: Low Back Pain, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Mild Varicose Veins, Sciatica and Vulval Varicosities.

Surprised? Astonished? Bewildered? You will be when we take a closer look at what makes these maternity leggings the pick of the crop!

‘Fit for Purpose’ Design 
Designed in consultation with an obstetrician, the whole SRC range of compression products uses Anatomical Support Panels (ASP). Developed and patented by SRC Health, ASP delivers targeted compression, ideal for treating multiple conditions during pregnancy and after delivery, as well as enhancing athletic performance.

Anatomical Support Panels in the SRC Pregnancy Leggings deliver targeted compression to assist with treating multiple conditions such as low back and pelvic girdle pain, vulval and mild/moderate leg varicose veins.


Designed to be worn under regular clothes if you wish, adjustable and most importantly comfortable, SRC Pregnancy Leggings and Shorts will assist you in getting through the demands of work and exercise and aid in the reduction of leg swelling. These maternity leggings can be worn from 12 weeks, until late term.

Unlike mainstream compression products, let alone your everyday maternity leggings, leisurewear or activewear garments, SRC Pregnancy Leggings have been specifically developed for this purpose of supporting your baby carrying pelvis. Exclusively manufactured for SRC, our fabric is independently tested to provide you with the highest quality with maximum support and comfort including features like moisture wicking.

We took the SRC fabric and that of a leading competitor through 100 wash cycles and then re-tested both using the fabric extension test. The results showed that the compression properties of our fabric, unlike those of the competition were sustained. After 50 washes, the results showed that the competitor fabric had not only shrunk significantly but was less resistant in the stretch. The SRC fabric had minimum shrinkage and retained its stretch resistance under higher force. The shrinkage of both fabrics stabilized after 100 wash cycles, but only the SRC fabric retained the same high level of compression at the end of the testing. You won’t get that from your $20 cotton pair of ‘everyday maternity leggings’.

You can read more about our research here where you will find, qualitative research on patient outcomes, case studies by leading health practitioners as well as university studies.

Gentle medical-grade compression avoids muscle deactivation and allows for SRC Recovery garments to be worn day and night, delivering 24-hour wearability and pain relief. But that’s not all.

The research and development of the fabric for the SRC Compression range took an extended period, as the designers wanted to create a fabric that provided support and comfort without any feeling of restriction. This resulted in a unique fabric that stretches and returns to its original shape after consistent wash and wears. True Cross Compression means that each layer of fabric is cut on a different plane so that during activity no compression is lost at any time. And of course the SRC Pregnancy Leggings and Shorts are not see-through, so there’s no need to stress when bending over at the office or squatting at the gym.

SRC is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for all products. Each batch of fabric is rigorously tested by an independent Australian Government scientific testing facility to ensure the level of compression meets our strict standards.

The best testing of all has been performed by the 100,000+ mums who have worn and benefitted from our products during the last 10 years.

Recommended By More Women's Health Care Professionals
From Women’s Health Physiotherapists to Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Midwives and Maternal, Child and Family Health Nurses to Pilates instructors, SRC Health compression garments have been getting great support for the positive impact they deliver to expecting and new mums. Health care professionals from Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand and Ireland are recognizing the benefits of SRC compression garments, whilst consumers the world over are benefiting from the support and relief of what’s previously been as ‘accepted pains of the pregnancy journey’.

Recently endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), SRC Health understands the periods of pregnancy and recovery after delivery can be one of the most challenging for women and their families. 

For best results get someone other than yourself to measure you as sizing is critical to the performance of the garment. You will find a video and a size chart here.

If youd like further advice or assistance please contact reception on 093664880 or via [email protected] 



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