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Why Is Pilates Good For You?

Written by Sabrina Fu, Pilates Instructor Most people who are unfamiliar with the Pilates method may think that the main benefits are simply improvements in posture and flexibility, but it goes far beyond that! Whether you are looking to rehabilitate an injury, improve overall strength and mobility, or enhance athletic/sports performance, Pilates is an excellent […]

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Pre and Postnatal WOF

By Anna Geraets, Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and Women's Health Specialist Why get a WOF? Well… How are you feeling?  Whether you are currently pregnant, or you are in the process of recovering from childbirth, surely you are appreciating just how much your body can transform to meet the demands of growing a baby. This can […]

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Mindfulness & Meditation — Is It For Everyone?

By Renée Malyon - Qualified Mindfulness Teacher for Auckland Physiotherapy Someone once asked me, is the point of meditation to clear your mind and think of nothing? The brain is like the heart... the heart continually beats, just like the brain continually thinks. We have 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day! It is pretty impossible to stop thoughts […]

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How to get out of your post lockdown slump with Kirsten Rose

We are almost a quarter of the way through 2022, a year where we all started off with more hope that this year would be different and we’d get back to living life the way we did before. But so far that hasn’t been the case and for many people, it might feel like the […]

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blog awwa review
Product Review: AWWA GARMENTS with Helen Dudley

Physiotherapist and new mum Helen reviews our new AWWA garments.
Thin, leak-proof designs in a range of colours & sizes. Made with organic fabric to keep you dry all day.

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blog foam roller
Benefits of Foam Rollers with Chris Smith

Foam rollers have grown in popularity over the last decade as a key piece of kit in gyms and home exercise settings. But what benefits do foam rollers provide us with and how might these be achieved in practice?

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health coaching blog
Health Coaching.. What is it? with Kirsten Rose

Most people want to be healthy and well, but there is an enormous gap between those thoughts and the everyday reality of actually making it happen. Nearly all of us can probably identify with a time in our lives where we wanted to get healthier, be more active, lose weight, be less stressed, be happier….the list can be endless.

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Auckland Physiotherapy Blog Intro to Pilates with Ann-Marie

Pilates may sound intimidating, but it's actually the most accessible way to build strength and mobility for better posture, balance and flexibility.

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So you’ve decided to try a plant-based diet, but are not sure where to start? Don’t worry, Feel Fresh Nutrition can help with that! In this post, we’ll help you out with some key tips to stay healthy as well as where to get your protein and other important nutrients that can sometimes be lacking in a vegan diet.

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The Importance Of Iron In Your Diet with Feel Fresh Nutrition

Are you feeling tired? Difficulty concentrating? Irritable? Dizziness? Feeling cold? These are just a few of many common symptoms that are associated with iron deficiency. Understanding what iron does in our bodies, what deficiency can look like and how to prevent it can help you stay healthy.

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7 Reasons SRC Recovery Garments Are Must Have

Get out of your activewear and get into SRC’s medical grade compression to fast track your recovery while addressing conditions like Abdominal Muscle Separation (DRAM), Perineal Tears and stitches, C-Section wounds, Sciatica and Low Back Pain.

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Not All Maternity Leggings Are Created Equal

When it comes to maternity clothing there are so many choices, maternity leggings are no different. There is an abundance of physical health factors to consider during pregnancy and the humble black pregnancy leggings may just be the answer you’ve been looking for – of course, it has to be the right maternity leggings because they are not all created equally!

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Diet & Inflammation with Julianne Taylor (Feel Fresh Nutrition)

Have you ever wondered if your diet has an impact on inflammation and joint pain? Feel Fresh Nutrition's Julianne Taylor, a Registered Nutritionist & Nurse, discusses the inflammatory process and the evidence of how what we eat impacts on our joints and muscles.

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