Meet Paul our Running Specialist

July 11, 2017 at 3:38 PM

Paul White - Senior Physiotherapist/Running Specialist

I like to see people enjoy running more, by preventing injuries and helping you move more efficiently and faster. Having worked as a Physiotherapist for 15 years, I have seen countless running injuries that could have been easily avoided. The more you understand about your body and how it moves, the easier it is to manage and improve your running. Essentially I can help you learn to become your own personal physio and running coach.

I see countless inefficient runners. This means we are not maximising our own body systems as well as we could. If we run more efficiently we decrease our chances of injury, start to run faster and with greater ease. I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy your running much more. 

Why should you want a running coach. I believe I am able to help you with these things. 

  • Run more efficiently
  • To run faster
  • Decrease the likelihood of injury
  • Increase your enjoyment of running

Whatever your personal goal is, I can help you achieve it. I have worked with a variety of people ranging from beginner runners with no running experience, all the way to elite multisport endurance athletes. We are all made of the same stuff but to learn how to use what you have been given, is a skill. With the right coaching you can achieve results, no matter what your goals may be.

Using my rehabilitation knowledge from physiotherapy, I base my training around being as safe as possible with regards to injury. This process normally means changes to your technique and loading structures that may not have been used much previously. If you gradually make these changes, allowing your body to adapt, people genuinely enjoy this process of change and start to see results.

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